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12 Days Of Playoffs: Quarterfinal II



Big thanks to the 300+ of you who voted on the first quarterfinal.

The results of the first quarterfinal:

The LSU side of the bracket played out pretty much how I thought it would.

LSU lit up Kansas State 91-9. Kansas State doesn’t turn the ball over (13 on the year) and LSU thrives off of turnovers, so I think this would be a lot closer than a lot of people think. We’ll actually see something somewhat close to it in real life at the Cotton Bowl when K-State takes on Arkansas. I’m probably more excited about that game than any other non-BCS affair.

Oregon downed Stanford 91-9 as well. I wonder how much of this is “they played before, why should I expect any different” and how much was “OSU is playing Stanford in real life so I’ve got my ‘I hate Stanford’ glasses on for the next month.” My guess is the majority is the former, as it should be.

I’m pretty stoked about these next two matchups. Alabama-Boise would be an absolute slugfest. You can probably make the case that Boise is the most physical non-AQ team in the country and we all know Bama isn’t backing down from anybody.

OSU and Arkansas would be an unbelievable bowl game. Arkansas and Oregon might be the only two teams in the nation with more skill position speed than the Cowboys. First one to 95 wins?

New matchups below ready to be voted on. Happy voting and dreaming of a playoff!

If you need a refresher on what the rules are, take a gander here.

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Click below to enlarge bracket.

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