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12 Days Of Playoffs: Quarterfinals



Big thanks to all 900+ of you who voted on round 1 of our playoffs.

The results of the second half of Round 1:

The LSU side of the bracket offered little in the way of drama and there weren’t many surprises on the O-State side of the bracket either.

Bama drilled Arkansas State 99-1 with the “1” undoubtedly coming, not from Arkansas State alumni, but rather from OSU fans who will no longer root for Alabama even if they’re playing Texas, OU, or Iran U.

Boise State took down Clemson 75-25 in the 7/10 matchup. I’m pretty proud of you guys for this one, Boise would hammer Clemson in real life. They’re more disciplined, have a better defensive line, and a QB who’s the iciest dude west of Stillwater (and yeah, I’m looking at you and your neck beard, Andrew). That Boise-Bama 2nd round matchup would be a dream.

No surprises that OSU rolled Louisiana Tech 100-0. One problem I had when I first thought of this was that I knew OSU would win the whole thing, I just wanted to see how it would play out. Also, for those of you who are anti-playoff, I know OSU would beat Louisiana Tech in real life by 50 in the first round of a playoff but 1.) you would absolutely go and 2.) OSU is leaving $3.2M (average 2011 home revenue generation) on the table for a game like this (and we haven’t even gotten into TV money). So…yeah.

TCU put up a fight against Arkansas for a little while, but eventually fell 74-26. That round 2 doozy between the Pokes and the Hogs is going to be a track meet. We should just let Justin Gilbert and Joe Adams race for it.

New matchups below ready to be voted on. Happy voting and dreaming of a playoff!

If you need a refresher on what the rules are, take a gander here.

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Click below to enlarge bracket.

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