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Here are 14 Oklahoma State Football Records That Could Fall in 2017



We have already looked at how Mason Rudolph could surpass some of Brandon Weeden’s school records this fall, but now we need to add to that list and take a look at some other records that could go down and who could take them.

Here are 14 OSU football records that could be in danger during the 2017 season.

Passes Attempted — Single Game — 60 (2011 and 2012)

OSU is going to throw it a lot. I don’t know if Rudolph will ever hit 60 attempts in a single game because of Mike Gundy’s penchant for conservatism, but the head mullet himself said recently that if OSU gets into a game with a more physical team, they might have to throw it 70+ times to win. I’m here for that.

Points Scored — Single Season — 633 (2011)

The reason it could fall is that OSU might play one or two more games than that team did. OSU could very easily play 14 times this year including the Big 12 Championship and the bowl game. Obviously 15 would be a bit unexpected, but it’s at least in play. At 14 games you’d have to average just over 45 a game to hit 634. They averaged 38.6 a game last year so it’s a stretch, but it could happen.

Passes Attempted — Single Season — 596 (2011)

They threw it 465 times last year (or 35.8 a game), but with a possible extra game you would only have to get to 42.6 a game. That’s in play.

Total Offense — Single Season — 7,111 yards (2012)

OSU notched 6,432 yards last year in 13 games, or just under 500 yards per game. Toss in another game (possibly) and now you’re at around 7,000. I think this one is going to fall.

Total plays — Single Season — 1,014 (2012)

I think this one is going down as well. OSU averaged 73.5 plays per game last year. If they do that again this year, they eclipse the record rather easily.

Passing Yards — Single Season — 4,727 (Weeden in 2011)

Rudolph needs to average 338 per game in a 14-game season. He averaged 315 per game last year. Hopefully Mike & Mike will take the restrictor plates off the deep ball and let him do his thing.

Passing TDs — Single Season — 37 (Weeden in 2011)

Rudolph had 28 last year in his first full of not getting vultured by J.W. Walsh. This one is a little iffy for me unless he throws, say, 11 against Tulsa and South Alabama combined. Related: How good was Brandon Weeden?

Pass Attempts, Completions, Yards and TDs — Career (Weeden)

All of these will fall in 2017 if Rudolph stays healthy. He needs the following to surpass No. 3:

  • 146 attempts
  • 171 completions
  • 547 yards
  • 21 TDs

I think we might have circled around again and are underrating what Rudolph has done in his career in Stillwater. I know Weeden played fewer games, and I still think Weeden was better, but Rudolph has been pretty unbelievable.

Average Yards Per Pass — Career — 8.4 yards (Weeden)

Rudolph averages 9.1 yards per pass. Weeden averaged 8.4. So if Rudolph continues doing what he’s been doing, he’s on pace to eclipse Weeden.

Receiving Yards — Career — 4,414 yards (Rashaun Woods)

James Washington lacks 1,492 yards to beat Woods’ all-time mark. He managed 1,380 yards last year with possibly one fewer game this season but more players to share the ball with. This one will be super intriguing.

Receiving TDs — Career — 42 (Rashaun Woods)

Washington is at 26 so it will take a pretty herculean effort to get there. With OSU’s weapons, odds are not great of this going down.

Average yards per catch — Career — 17.22 (Adarius Bowman)

Washington is currently at 19.23 so unless something drastic happens, this one will fall.

TDs Responsible For — Career — 88 (Zac Robinson)

Rudolph needs 27 to surpass Zac. That should happen.

Total Offensive Yards — Career — 10,175 (Zac)

Rudolph needs 1,469 for the record so that should be toast in the first third of the season.

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