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2004 Bedlam was one of my favorites

What a game.



I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense that a loss to OU was one of my favorite Bedlam memories, but when you’ve had nine wins since 1945 you kind of take what you can get.

So many great memories from this game…

• Keith Jackson calls OU “highfalutin.”

• Who played longer at OSU? Cole Farden or Gabe Lindsay?

• Flip to the 1:55 mark — what is this set called?

• I loved AD, even in college, and he just lost his mind this game. It sucked at the time but it’s actually kind of cool to look back on.

• Go to 2:25 — I maintain that’s the loudest I’ve ever heard Boone Pickens Stadium. It was complete mayhem.

• Just want to throw out that we almost beat No. 2 OU with Donovan Woods (DONOVAN WOODS!) at quarterback.

• Jason White had to throw weirder than any Heisman-winning QB ever.

• Go to 4:04 — that’s Les Miles summed up in two seconds.

• How impressive is it that OSU got down 28-14in the third and still nearly won.

• Sort of don’t want to know how we got Prentiss to come to OSU.

• OU scored three points in the last 23 minutes of the game. [Glenn Spencer grins slyly]

• Go to 8:30 — What a throw.

• That throw to Prentiss Elliot at 9:00. I….just….I probably haven’t thought about a failed OSU play more than that one.

• I think everybody thought Ricks’ field goal went in.

• What do you think Miles told Ricks as he walked off the field? Something hilarious, probably.

What a game.

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