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2012 – The First Quarter



Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

We’ve hit a pretty slow time of year so this is a quick series to look back at what we did in 2012 and share some goals with y’all for 2013. First up is Q1 (January – March)

Top five posts

1. Markel hammers – One of the most viewed posts all year. And deservedly so, I think this is the best Markel dunk ever.

2. New orange helmets – Y’all would break down the Internet to look at new equestrian uniforms so this is no surprise.

3. Griffin vs. Weeden – Pretty interesting post to look back on, also this was the second most commented post ever.

4. Nathan Peterson interview – Great work by my boy @mattamilian to snag this one.

5. We Will Never Forget shirt – I never got an answer from OSU about why these were printed. Good job, good effort.

My favorite posts

Fiesta Bowl diary – I don’t recommend trying this at home. So much stress.

Ten best dunkers – @carsonc5 and I were conversing about this on Twitter the other day, forgot I actually wrote the post. Mad at myself for not having Byron Houston on the list. Unforgivable.

OSU fan’s Wonderlic – The best blog posts are always the shortest ones (and most difficult to think of).

Ranking the OSU guards – Our time spent thinking/writing to pageviews ratio was not good.

Improvement over 2011

Visitors: 49K to 10K

Pageviews: 236K to 62K


For a crappy end to a terrible basketball year I was pretty pleased with the first quarter of 2012. You guys told your friends about the site (35% of our visitors were new) and shared links like crazy (I think the Markel dunk got links from every major site/blog on the Internet). Definite foreshadowing for the rest of 2012.

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