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2012 – The Second Quarter



Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Photo Attribution: US Presswire

We’ve hit a pretty slow time of year so this is a quick series to look back at what we did in 2012 and share some goals with y’all for 2013. Next up is Q2 (April – June)

1st Quarter

Top five posts

1. An eerie Weeden stat – One of the weirdest things I’ve ever come across.

2. Weeden shoots clay pigeons – I’m sure most NFL QBs can do this, but it’s still pretty awesome.

3. Herschel Sims rumor mill – The system (the one we love) chews up and spits out whoever it wants.

4. Anatomy of a touchdown – One of my favorite posts ever.

5. Blackmon arrested – One of my least favorite posts ever.

My favorite posts

Monken cursing – The athletic department took it down but Monken dropped a bomb

All-time hoops draft – Potentially my favorite post ever on the blog.

Once and future king – This is still very well within reach.

10 things we learned this spring – Pretty intriguing to look back on.

Zach Grant interview – I really enjoyed talking to Wes Lunt’s high school wide receiver about #11s future.

Improvement over 2011

Visitors: 25K to 4K

Pageviews: 172K to 44K


The second quarter of the year is the most brutal. This combined with the fact that golf and baseball failed to make the postseason led to a slog through the April-June months. Hopefully this year we’ll have a good baseball team to talk about and a reappearance in the NCAA golf tourney. Plus I’ll probably post 2,393,229ish times on the QB derby…

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