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2014 advertising opportunities (with stats)

Thank you to everyone for reading this blog.



2013 was a pretty great year for PFB.

The SI scandal helped but even without it this year blew 2012 and 2011 completely out of the water.

We’ve already signed on a couple of advertisers for all or some of 2014 — thank you Tulsa Federal Credit Union and Totally Tickets! — and are looking for a few more. If you’re interested email me at pistolsfiringblog at gmail dot come and I can get you an ad kit. We have a discount for full-year advertisers but also have month-to-month options available.

Here are some of the more intriguing stats for 2013 readership:


2013: 4 million
2012: 1.3 million
2011: 620K

I posted a lot more stuff in 2013 because it, along with blogging about golf for CBS, was my actual job.

Unique visitors

2013: 409K
2012: 178K
2011: 111K

Again, not really a surprise given how many people hit the site from the SI scandal and all the Gundy dancing stuff.

Most popular countries

US: 98% (of total visits)
Canada: .13%
UK: .12%
Mexico: .12%
France: .11%

We hit 173 countries total, though most of the ones at the bottom were probably bots (or Nate running his IP through Ethiopia).

Most popular states

Oklahoma: 50% (of total visits)
Texas: 19%
New York: 4%
Kansas: 3%
Missouri: 2%

New York, nice. I’m surprised California isn’t higher on this list (it was 6th).

Most popular cities in Oklahoma

OKC: 10% (of total visits)
Stillwater: 10%
Tulsa: 8%
Tuttle: 6%
Edmond: 3%


New vs. Return visitors

Return: 78%
New: 22%

I’m pleased by this. It’s a good ratio for the future of the blog.


Safari: 56% (of all visits)
Chrome: 17%
IE: 13%
Firefox: 7%
Android: 6%

Also pleased by this. I’m going to assume that 13% of you are simply trapped at work and bored out of your minds.


Phone: 50%
Computer: 41%
Tablet: 9%

Just absurd. Mobile has completely taken over the world. Phone viewing was only 31% of readership in 2012. Crazy jump.

Again, if you’re a potential advertiser I have more stats for you in our advertising kit — just hit me up if you want one.

Happy New Year, everyone and thank you so much for reading this blog. I’ve enjoyed it greatly as I hope you have, too.

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