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2015 Sponsors Needed: PFB Podcast and Newsletter



A new Oklahoma State football season is finally upon us and we hope you’ve enjoyed our 2015 season preview up to this point. We have thoroughly enjoyed bring you news, quotes and our thoughts on what will transpire over the next few months.

As you know, freedom good content on the Internet isn’t free. There’s always a cost involved somewhere. I’m long past the point of deciding that nobody will ever pay for this site, but as it grows and as we expand our media tentacles, we need help offsetting the cost of production and distribution.

With the outlandish salary Kyle Boone demands the time pressed upon me by having kids and a family (and another full-time job), I would love to continue doing two things.

The first is the PFB podcast. I have done this off and on for the past four years and had a blast with it. It takes time though, and a sponsor would be necessary to continue (hey, we had almost 50,000 unique visitors in August!).

The good news is that Carson Cunningham has agreed to split the work with me and he’s much better at it than I am. We are looking at producing at least one episode a week and talking to other media members and potentially even some former coaches and players.

You can email us at pistolsfiringblog at gmail dot com for more information on how much it would cost to sponsor (probably not as much as you think).

The second is the PFB newsletter which I was sending out every Friday morning. That’s been a blast to write but it also takes a good amount of time. Its distribution is around 1,000 fully engaged Oklahoma State sports fans (target markets!) and I’m looking for somebody to be the title sponsor for the football season.

Again, email above if you’re interested.

As always, we appreciate everyone reading and sharing the site as you’ve done so consistently over the past four years.

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