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Daily Bullets (May 4): Cowgirls Secure Big Win in Norman



Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.


Softball: Cowgirls 6, Sooners 3
Baseball: Texas 7, Cowboys 5

Three Thoughts

What a win in Norman for the Cowgirls last night after youngster Karli Godwin knocked in four RBIs – Cowgirls’ first win over the Sooners in Norman since 1997 when Bill Clinton was in office (PFB)

• I’m no recruiting guru but loved seeing the Pokes add a tight end who plays a lot out wide – sort of wonder what the evolution of the position will be (PFB)

A veteran defensive back hit the portal yesterday – this is news since it’s not really happening this year. (PFB)

This is sort of a Kanion Williams situation where a guy who’s been around is probably looking for a bigger role and doesn’t see it in Stillwater.

Two Quotes

• As the Pokes continue to fight for a Big 12 regular season title against Texas, deep shots could be a plentiful: 

They can hit the long ball. In fact, they are the only two teams in the Big 12 who have hit more than 80 home runs this year. Oklahoma State has hit 86, while Texas leads with 95.


• The Bedlam series is in the bag. 

One Question

• Is there a prettier view in college baseball than this? 

Non-OSU Bullets

• Why gals wear those big floppy hats at the Kentucky Derby (at least originally)

• Sad reflection from a Gen Z girl about smartphones and her childhood

Relevant quote related to the above article:

“Simple ways to have a peaceful moment:
  • Close your eyes and just breathe for two minutes.
  • Leave your phone in another room for an hour.
  • Watch a cloud form and then dissolve.
  • Stand in the sunshine and notice how it warms your skin.
  • Light a candle and watch the flame dance.”
James Clear

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