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2018 In Review: The Top 25 Oklahoma State Photos of the Year

The best of from an extraordinary year in OSU athletics.



Ed. note: All of our people are awesome at the stuff they build, and our photographer Jackson Lavarnway is no exception. He’s been so good for us in a lot of different areas (and has been asked to do a lot of different things!), and it’s cool to see all of his best work from the past year in one place.

Cheers to him for slogging through all of the effort it takes to produce this level of photography week in and week out for our site. He’s made it significantly better than it used to be.

I’ve covered nearly 50 events for PFB during the 2018 calendar year. During that time I have taken and edited over 5,000 photos for the site. As the year comes to a close, here is a look at 25 of my favorite shots from this year. Enjoy!



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