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Nerd Box: OSU-FSU

Yards per play, points per drive, starting field position and more from Saturday.




We did this for most (all?) of last season and I wanted to bring it back for Week 1 even though I couldn’t include offensive/defensive efficiency because this was the first game.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the stats for the first week:

Nerd Box FSU

Of note:

• Special teams wasn’t as bad as everyone thought. FSU’s average starting field position was four yards worse than OSU’s. The punts were bad, yes,  the first FG attempt wasn’t pretty but it wasn’t at total disaster.

• FSU averaged 7.7 yards per play last season. To hold them to 6.7 in a domed game with nearly everybody coming back is pretty awesome.

• That points/drive number for FSU is a ridiculous number for the OSU D. They were at 4.25 per drive last season and you held them to less than half that. Amazing.

• The negative swing points for FSU: FG from OSU 10, FG from OSU 20, and INT at OSU 13. Bend like an Olympic gymnast but don’t break.

• OSU has had a knack in the last few years for not wasting yards. It’s almost like they either go three and out or put together an 88-yard drive.

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