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4 Things to Watch For This Weekend



This weekend is building up to be what could be a very exciting game down in Austin. With the emergence of Jerrod Heard, and the Oklahoma State defense showing signs of a breakout, it could be an excellent gauge of just how good this team is – and can be – in Big 12 play. Here are four things I am keeping an eye on this weekend in particular.

1. How will Rudolph handle the stage?

Rudolph himself has acknowledged that the matchup in Austin this weekend is one that he’s looking forward to. Texas is a historic football program, and Rudolph could really improve his views among the fans by leading the team to a W in Austin. If he can stay cool and take what’s given to him, the offense should be in good shape. He won’t have to be perfect, but I think turnovers must be limited. Opening up the run game early will certainly help.

2. The Oklahoma State secondary

The secondary has drawn praise with Lampkin, Peterson, Hunter and Richards all representing an impressive two-deep. This week, they’ll be forced to stay disciplined with Heard as both a running and passing threat. It will be up to the secondary to keep focused on Heard, and not bite on any fakes or trick plays that may be in the Longhorn arsenal.

3. The Texas run defense

As I mentioned yesterday, the Longhorn run defense has been suspect at best. If there’s a battle that will be a deciding factor in the game, I would point to the battle up front for Oklahoma State on offense. Can the offensive line establish themselves early and allow Chris Carson to get to the second level? If so, it may be a long day for the Horns.

4. J.W. Walsh

Walsh has been a factor in each of Oklahoma State’s wins this season, seeing limited time in goal-line and special packages with wild success. His dual-threat capability will definitely be used this weekend, although in what capacity is yet to be known. I think he’ll be a big factor in this one if they struggle to punch it in from the red zone. Expect Yurcich to reach deep in his grab bag for something special.

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