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49 Things: #27 The Old Logo



The new logos (see below) are fine. They are what they are: hip, sharp, 21st century logos that everybody has but nobody really wants. They’re catchy but cliche. I will say they’re a 600,000% upgrade from the flames thing we threw out there like 8 years ago. Whose idea was that? It was like we hired a group of high middle school students from the Jenks district and said “hey, um, could you come up with a cool logo for the second largest university in our state?” and they just threw a bunch of clip art on the screen and out came the OSU flames logo. I can’t even bring myself to post a picture of it.

I’d also like to take a minute to talk about the old baseball logo that nobody really knows what to do with. Is it Oregon State’s logo? Is it our logo? Is it our baseball logo? Do we sell merchandise in the student book store that we bought from Nike that says “Ore. St.” on the tag but we just don’t care because “it sells well”? The answers, if you’re wondering, are yes, it used to be, it used to be, and yes…in that order. Either we need to stop or they need to stop or Phil Knight just needs to make them an Adidas school or something so we don’t have to have this awkward conversation every few months.

Sorry for the tangent. Back to the point of this post: the old logo. One of my 49 favorite things about Oklahoma State. First of all, what exactly was wrong with the logo that we needed to go away from it? Let’s do the math here — old logo in the 80s means best football teams we’ve ever seen even if we had to slip Hart Lee a couple hundy thou. New logo in the 90s means Nathan Simmons ramming his facemask into a mediocre line for 1.5 yards on every play and lots of punts. Then, inexplicably, we go to the aforementioned flames logo (thank God we never actually put it on the uniforms) and the Mad Hatter takes us to the semi-promised land. And now, finally, the new logo has reemerged on a national stage on the helmet of an All-American running back and Heisman trophy candidate wide receiver. Just like the 80s all over again! Except we don’t look nearly as cool. Dear Mr. Holder, please bring back the old logo, even if it’s only once a year. Thanks.

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