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A Brief History of Oklahoma State-Texas A&M Games (Including that 2011 Classic)

Ah, that incredible 2011 game revisited.



Oklahoma State and Texas A&M have played 27 times over the last 107 years with OSU bookending the series with wins in 1913 (3-0) and 2011 (30-29).

Since Mike Gundy took over, OSU is 4-3 in Oklahoma Aggies vs. Texas Aggies games with the Texas version winning the first and the Oklahoma version winning the last four. What that means is that technically OSU hasn’t lost to A&M since George W. Bush was president.

Here’s a brief (because I need to get on the road for this game) look back at the seven OSU-A&M games of the Gundy era.

2005 — A&M 62 | OSU 23

Reggie McNeal and Jorvorskie Lane combined for 289 yards on just 34 carries and 7 total TDs that dark day in Aggieland. Al Pena was 13/32 with 4 INT. We have come a long way.

2006 — A&M 34 | OSU 33

Thus began a string of 1-point games, this one a heartbreaker for the Pokes. Zac Robinson hit Adarius Bowman in OT to ostensibly tie the game at 34, but the extra point was missed, and A&M squeaked out with a victory. I believe this is also the game in Stillwater where Jorvorskie had the one-handed catch on fourth down late in the fourth quarter to keep a drive and the game alive. A&M scored with three seconds on the clock to send it to OT (and didn’t miss the extra point).

2007 — A&M 24 | OSU 23

Dez’s freshman year. OSU stormed out to a 17-0 lead in the first quarter, but Jorvorskie Lane did Jorvorskie Lane things, and OSU only scored six more points the rest of the day. Bowman did put seven receptions for 142 yards and two TDs on them in College Station.

2008 — OSU 56 | A&M 28

This game came the week before the more famous game at Mizzou, but it was no less important. Zac was 10-for-13 (Spencer Sanders-like), and Dez had four total TDs including a punt return for the ages (start it at 4:26 below).

2009 — OSU 36 | A&M 31

I honestly don’t remember much about this game. The box tells me Zac threw for nearly 300 and Toston put 130 on the Wrecking Crew. Maybe I was in a fog because this was the first real game after Dez got suspended, and No. 5 OSU had fallen to UH at home a few weeks earlier.

2010 — OSU 38 | A&M 35

This was a great one. Big 12 opener on a Thursday night, and Dan Bailey hit the winner as time expired. Blackmon had 10 for 127, and OSU’s offense opened the year scoring 65-41-65-38-54-34-41. Long live Dana.

2011 — OSU 30 | A&M 29

You all remember it. It was the one they had to have. OSU was No. 7, A&M was No. 8. It was a war. The Aggies led 20-3 at halftime, and Todd Monken was convulsing in the press box. Then they went Smith-Blackmon-Moore-Sharp-Sharp for 27 straight points to open the second half. Weeden threw it 60 (!) times for 438 and two TDs. Cooper, Blackmon and Anyiam all had double-digit receptions, and OSU had three picks on Tannehill. Man, that was a great, great college football game, and OSU wasn’t truly tested again until the Kansas State game in early November.

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