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A Pair Of Biletnikoffs



Photo Attribution: Corie Brianne

Justin Blackmon brought home the Biletnikoff hardware on Thursday night as the second two-time receiver of the year winner (Michael Crabtree was the first).

In the past two seasons Blackmon has put up 224 catches for 3,118 yards and 35 TD. A decent career, much less your sophomore and junior years.

I’ve written it before, but if he wants all the Oklahoma State records, all the Big 12 records, and a run at every relevant wide receiver record in NCAA history, they’re all there for the taking next year.

But of course, as ESPN “broke” to us on Wednesday night, he will be headed for millions of dollars and a professional life playing games instead. It’s a nice tradeoff, one all of us would make, and one none of us hold against him.

While we’re here, my three favorite Blackmon memories from this season (in no particular order):

1. The triangle button move from the Arizona game. It was OSU’s “welcome to 2011, we’re going to make a run at the title moment.” Well, that, and the fade Weeden threw shortly thereafter.

2. The Jordan logo move he had down the sideline in Ames. It got, ahem, overshadowed by a few other things that night, but it was just another in a long line of NFL catches he’s made over his career.

3. That gorgeous ball Weeden tossed him in the 4th quarter against Kansas State. Big players, big plays, big games, and such.

And that was the thing about Blackmon – you always, always, knew you were getting 100 and 1 from him. Almost literally every game (he’s had a TD in 23 of his last 25 games). It’s why he’s on the Rushmore of OSU WRs with Dez and Hart Lee even though he wasn’t on their planet athletically.

It’s been a blast watching him over the last few years, and while OSU might be able to replace his production, they’ll never be able to replace where he and Weeden have taken the program.

Back-to-back Biletnikoffs, back-to-back All-American awards, and first-time Big 12 champs.

Well done, #81, well done.

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