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A Tough Day



Today is a step, albeit a heavy-footed one, forward in the right direction.

Today Coach Budke, Coach Serna, Olin Branstetter, and Paula Branstetter will be buried and OSU will hold a memorial service in their honor.

People will cry, people will write things, people will grieve, and a campus will mourn. It is a necessary part of a gut-wrenching process.

However minuscule this blog or its influence might be, I’d like to offer up condolences from our little community here to the Budke family, to the Serna family, and to the Branstetter family.

May they rest in peace, may God comfort the people who knew them, and may the Oklahoma State family emerge stronger than before.

If you missed it last week, here were a few of the things I wrote on Coach Budke, the tragedy, and what it means to me.

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