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AJ Ferrari’s Best Moments From The 2021 NCAA Wrestling Tournament

The legend of AJ Ferrari continues to grow.



The legend and mystique surrounding AJ Ferrari is at an all-time peak right now. The man just won an NCAA title as a true freshman at 197 pounds and between his celebrations and interviews, he has caught the attention of nearly all of the sports world.

With that, I thought I’d compile some of the highlights of the weekend starting with the post-match celebration on ESPN following his NCAA semifinal win.

Then came this epic interview.

This quickly became legendary as he mentioned his “665 pound deadlift baby”.

Then here he spoke with the media after the match. He opened things up by asking “How’s everybody doing? You guys just going to ask some questions or what?”

He followed that up by winning an NCAA title on Saturday night.

Here’s the post-match following the title.

In his post finals match interview he really opened up about his relationship with his coaches, family, and a number of other things. At about three minutes in, Ferrari clearly recognizes his boy and goes on to give a dynamite answer to his question.

Ferrari is an incredibly dynamic personality and talent that should be a ton of fun to follow over the next few years in Stillwater.

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