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Almost Half of OSU Fans Think Underwood Hire Was a Grand Slam



I put out a poll last week asking you guys what you thought of the Brad Underwood hire. The results are overwhelmingly positive for the new head coach of Oklahoma State. Over 44 percent of you said it was a lights-out grand slam hire. Another 28 percent said it’s a “good hire” which means that about three in four OSU fans is happy to elated with the hire. Hashtag math.

Initially, I wasn’t convinced this hire would excite the fan base, but it clearly has. And I have to admit I’m coming around to the hire. After digging into SFA’s KenPom page, watching some tape on what Underwood likes to do on offense and hearing him talk at the opening press conference, I’m pretty much all the way in.

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Only 14 percent of you, by the way, said you don’t really like it or hate it. Here are some of the better comments.

Nate: The hire is only a good hire or “grand slam” if you don’t properly value the program. If we were Tech, K-State, TCU… sure, it’s a grand slam. Standards should be higher for Oklahoma State. Maybe Ford ruined the program that much to the level of those other schools and I’m just out of touch, but I choose to believe otherwise. And before people come at me, I voted “average.” Not “hate it” or “meh.”

Pat: I voted home run, but the only person I think was looking for a job that was better is Marshall. Last year there were some better names out there, but this year the pool was pretty weak.

Singing Cowboy: I know very little about Underwood beyond his record at SFA, and I’m not a CBB insider, so how can I have a strong opinion for or against at this point. All I want is for him to succeed. I want national respect. I want the rafters rocking. I want conference titles. I want him to love coaching at OSU. He’s our guy now, so let’s get behind him and give him a chance to be the coach we want him to be.

Barry: I don’t really care as long as they don’t give him a 10 year contract.

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