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An Eerie Weeden Stat



Ty Hensley

Big shout to my pops for the email that prompted this post…

10 years ago at this time, Brandon Weeden was an Edmond Santa Fe Gray Wolf one day and a New York Yankee the next. Well a Gulf Coast League Yankee to be exact, but you get the point.

That’s not so strange, plenty of people get drafted in the first round of the MLB draft[1. We call them “millionaires”] (though only three have gone in the top two rounds of the NFL and MLB drafts) but what happened yesterday is just downright bizarre…

The Yankees again took a 6’4 225 lb. right-handed pitcher with a 98-MPH fastball from…gulp…Edmond Santa Fe.

His name is Ty Hensley and he was the Oklahoma high school baseball player of the year last season.

So if you’re keeping score at home:

Yankees first pick on June 4th, 2002 – 6’4 225 lb.[2. I’ll grant you that he might not have been 225 lbs. at the time, just go with it, OK!] RHP from Edmond Santa Fe who throws 98.
Yankees first pick on June 4th, 2012 – 6’4 225 lb. RHP from Edmond Santa Fe who throws 98.

Spooked yet?

Can I make a “Ty Hensley will finish in the top five of the 2021 Heisman race for Oklahoma State” wager somewhere at 1,000,000,000 odds?

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