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An Oklahoma State instructor weighs in on the SI story

One teacher’s opinion of the football team.



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So many people to talk to!

A former OSU teacher emailed me this afternoon wanting to weigh in on what his/her viewpoint of the football program was and I thought you guys might be interested in reading it. He/she doesn’t work there anymore so I thought that would be fair.

This obviously isn’t a picture of how the program is necessarily (especially given the years of his/her tenure at OSU) but it’s pretty clear that if there was a systematic pattern of cheating (or whatever) it isn’t rolling through the campus anymore.

Here’s what the instructor had to say:

I was a graduate student and instructor at OSU from 2009-2011. I have had athletes (including football players) in some of the courses I instructed during that time.

These student athletes were all incredibly responsible individuals. If they ever missed class, they informed me well in advance that they were going to miss. I wish the majority of my students acted as well as those student athletes did.

Furthermore, to this day, no coach or member of the athletic department has communicated with me about the performance of these athletes in my class. I have never been asked by any person associated with the athletic department to do anything that would compromise the academic integrity policy.

The most interaction I can ever recall is signing a “progress report.”

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