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An Update to Our PFB+ Subscription

A couple of announcements.



Two small-ish announcements today as we continue to tweak and amend our PFB+ subscription to fit the needs of Oklahoma State fans.

1. We’re offering a free 7-day trial: For both the monthly and yearly subscriptions. I know some of you have wanted to try this out and see what it’s all about without forking over $80 in the process. You can do that now for free! Just go here, click on monthly or yearly and you won’t be charged for a week and can cancel for free at any time.

2. Bowl trip: If we hit 1,000 subs by December 15, we’re going to give away a trip for two to OSU’s bowl. I don’t know that we have formally announced that anywhere, but there it is. We set a goal a few months ago of 700 by Nov. 1, which we hit and recently gave away season basketball tickets. We’re up to 740 as of today so 1,000 is definitely within striking distance.

I’d love to send you and a friend to watch OSU-Notre Dame in Orlando Kentucky in Houston here in a month and a half. A thousand people is a big number and a mammoth goal for an independent shop like ours, but we’re confident that we can hit it in the following month and would love to do so going into 2020!

And listen, I get it. It’s easy to meme premium programs and subscriptions. The Great Unbundling has had some unfortunate unintended consequences that have resulted in (deserved!) jokes like this one from my brother.

Everyone thinks they’re the New York Times or Netflix, and they are not (an aside: Disney+ might be a lot better than Netflix, another post another time).

However, I don’t envision a future in which PFB and places like PFB exist without subscriptions. We’ve worked hard to provide a forum in The Chamber where quality conversation is happening and premium information is being dished out. And we’ve built what we feel is a good model of ad-free browsing, giveaways and closer access to the heart of PFB within our + subscription. You can take it from these testimonials here, or you can now try it for free for seven days for yourself.

For those of you who have already gotten involved, we’ve loved hearing your feedback on The Chamber. We’re working hard to make that place even better and create an even more compelling overall product for you in 2020 and beyond.

Thank you, as always, for your support of Pistols Firing.

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