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(Another) PFB Giveaway: How to Win Free Merch This Week

Here’s how you can win free PFB merch this week.



Our last giveaway went so well that we figured, you know what? Let’s give away more free stuff! In the spirit of giving this time around, we’re again offering up anything you want from the PFB store. Want a shirt? No sweat (and I don’t blame you). Eyeing that $40 PFB Yeti Rambler? Great! That’s what our last winner, Justin from Edmond, claimed as his prize.

All you have to do is follow these easy steps. First, leave us a five-star review on the PFB podcast right here in iTunes. After you complete that, leave us a nice comment while you’re there with your name included. Maybe comment on Carson Cunningham’s striking good looks, why you love the podcast, or your favorite OSU story you wish to share. Preferably, something positive (and something rated PG!) When you’re done there (this is the most important part), leave your name (the same name you used to comment with in iTunes) and an email address right here so we can put you in our drawing for the winner. We promise not to sell your email to the Russians or spam you with weekly Spencer Sanders puff pieces.


1. Rate and review

2. Leave your contact information

Our drawing will take place next Saturday morning, Oct. 5. Good luck!


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