Artrell Woods responds quite explicitly on Facebook

Written by Kyle Porter

Artrell Woods, who has been heavily quoted thus far in the Sports Illustrated series, put out a few posts on Facebook that are pretty intense (NSFW language):

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 9.48.47 AM Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 9.48.59 AM

As one reader humorously pointed out, there should be a lot of questions about this Luda thing.

And Woods was quoted in the article from Tuesday saying this about Bobby Reid:

Woods says Reid’s bonus money had dried up. Says Woods, “They cut his ass off.”

So yeah, his claim about not knowing poop about “who got paid what” seems a bit dubious at best.

I’m just pissed that amidst all the cheating nobody taught him how to use a comma.

  • MarkW

    Was that English?

  • seandooley

    Wow, he’s not disgruntled at all

  • Scott H

    Dang…so bitter. Is he still upset about not getting his degree in english?

    • TeaTown Cowboy

      I think he blames the school and anyone connected w/ the program for his broken back. He needs some therapy cause there’s some anger there. In spite of it all I wish him the best.

      • Scott H

        Does anyone know who LUDA is? Is that Artrell’s “Uncle Nate”?

        Seriously, I can’t figure this out.

        • TeaTown Cowboy

          Heh heh. It’s a reference to the rapper Ludacris who’s often called Luda, mostly be himself cause he’s goofy.

  • David Hudson

    Quotes from the Tulsa World’s archive on Artrell Woods:

    When the injury occurred, OSU offensive coordinator Larry Fedora said, “You were just wondering if the kid was going to lead a normal life. That was my main concern at the time. Right now, (Woods) is leading a normal life. He doesn’t have a back brace on. He’s working out. He’s just Artie.”

    Cowboy safety-linebacker Andre Sexton witnessed Woods’ weight-room accident.

    “It shows that you can never take anything for granted,” Sexton said. “It was weird — he was doing a workout that we do so often. At first, we just wanted him to walk again. It’s great to see him back.”

    “I see (Woods) down there lifting and running on that treadmill,” Gundy said. “He’s doing very well and his mental state is very good. He’s back in class and in the normal flow of a college student-athlete.”

    “I would suspect that he’ll play 30, 35 plays (against Washington State),” OSU coach Mike Gundy said. “For him to have the willpower to do it, and the medical staff that put him back together, and the people here at OSU who rehabilitated him — it’s a pretty amazing story.

    “I noticed just in the last couple of weeks that he gets hit more and he bounces up. I worried about it from day one. I cringed every time somebody hit him, even though he’s structurally stronger than he had been. Every day, I see him getting hit more and him falling down and people piling on him, and he goes back to the huddle. I would think that he’ll feel better after the first game.”

    Nearly 16 months after a horrifying weight room accident that almost paralyzed him, Woods made his first reception. It was more than a late addition to the final statistics.

    It was evidence Woods can finally show something for everything he’s gone through since July 13, 2007.

    Woods grabbed reserve quarterback Alex Cate’s 4-yard throw with 2:24 left and ran 3 more yards upfield before running out of bounds.

    Fans inside Boone Pickens Stadium responded with a standing ovation for the sophomore receiver.

    “It’s a big relief. I didn’t think I was going to get a standing ovation like I did,”Woods said. “It really felt welcoming and it felt great. I didn’t think it would take this long, but it happens.”

    Damian Davis has been dismissed from the Oklahoma State football program, a source confirmed on Wednesday night.

    Davis, a 6-foot-5, 185-pound wide receiver who would have been a junior in 2009, was dismissed because of an unspecified violation of team rules.

    There are no legal issues involved in the dismissal, the source indicated.

    The source also reported that wide receiver Artrell Woods, who last season returned from a serious back injury sustained in 2007, will not be on the spring roster and has expressed interest in a transfer. During the 2008 season, Woods sustained knee and hand injuries. He appeared in five games, getting one catch for 7 yards.

    • seandooley

      and he is quoted a lot in this article. This one seems to have more chunks of what could be real, but again, they aren’t really using any other main sources or evidence other than what these players said. I mean, if OSU was having the work done and giving passing grades, wouldn’t we have a higher grad rate? They mention that as a defense of the poor attention to academics in their athletes at the end of the article, but I don’t think that point helps them as it doesn’t make sense. Wouldn’t these players graduate if the work was being done for them? Wait…that’s right, your sources are from people that didn’t graduate and left the program.

    • MarkW

      Good work Dave. Even more perspective.

  • Well, maybe the academic part is accurate. What did he say??

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    I tried to find the comments above on his FB page but they don’t appear. Is this because his profile is guarded/private or were they taken down?

    • Scott H

      Obviously he doesn’t want your “tyrna” contact him.

      I like that part about “Get the Eff off My Facebook Page”. That’s a weirdly parallel Millenial version of the boney-fisted old man yelling at the kids to “Get Off My Lawn!”

      • TeaTown Cowboy

        Hah hah, very good parallel. Seriously there’s a lot of anger there that’s misguided, he needs some counseling cause people like that either release it in a very negative way, give themselves a serious illness and/or just live unfulfilling, unhappy lives.

  • willham

    This is outrageous! Artrell earned his degree, and they didn’t give it to him.

  • AllOrangeEverything

    I felt terrible for him when he got hurt, nite not so much. he walks okay, but he still seems pretty spineless to me. #spinelessartrellwoods

  • Andrew Kuppinger

    I think I know why he didn’t finish college. He can’t spell!!!!!!!