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Artrell Woods says more insane things

If I didn’t think he had legitimate mental issues, this would be a lot funnier.



Sports Illustrated has mentioned Artrell Woods’ name so many times I’ve lost count.

He has been at the forefront of SI’s story which is a totally fine thing except that he said this today to Kieran Steckley on his blog about how his career ended (NSFW language):

Make a long story short. Broke my back in July. Started running again about January. Got back on the team. Played a year, didn’t play a year (playing time), whatever you want to call it. After that Christmas break after the season, I came back. I was called into a meeting. Told that this was my last chance. What the fuck that mean?

Talking about my attitude being right, whatever the fuck that mean. Even if my attitude wasn’t right, have any of you mother fuckers broke yall spine? No, then tell me what the fuck my attitude should be like. All I know is the same day or the next day, I asked for a release and I got released the same day. Without even being talked to about it. Just, “Up there you go. Sign your release, bye.”

What kind of shit is that? Maybe it’s just me but I would be a little more sympathetic to this guy who broke his damn spine for yall. Just saying. I did all that work to get back to playing football and I wanted to play football again. The way they called the meeting and the way that meeting was approached, was like, I’m not going to get to play football (for OSU).

Wait, so you asked for a release, got it with no questions, and went on your way….and you’re mad about that??

That’s what you asked for!

And this is who Sports Illustrated is rolling out as character witness No. 1?

Also, go read the entire thing — it’s really entertaining.

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