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Audio: OKC Rapper Creates Rap Song Supporting Zach Sinor’s Heisman Case



The Sinor for Heisman campaign has new life thanks to OKC-based rapper and Game Day host Les Thomas, known as “B-Les,” who dropped an epic track making a case for the Cowboys starting punter.

The song, simply titled #Sinor4Heisman, piggybacks on Sinor’s campaign he kicked off earlier this summer which came custom-made with a website, tee shirts, and pamphlets which he handed out at Big 12 media days.

Here’s the lyrics and the audio from rapper B-Les’ website.

Kick that Ball (6 times) OSU #PuTChaPistolsUp
He’s hot somebody call the fire man,
Cast your vote, Sinor for Heisman

Aint no big deal..we just kickin it
Aint no running with the ball they just fielding it
They screaming Heisman before its game time
Call’em Jordan cause he got that crazy hang time
#29 it aint hard to find
You can count on him when the game is on the line
Madison said only skill players would shine
But 65% lands inside the 20 yard line
Now aint that skill Just keepin it real
Mason is my boy butZach a pretty big deal
So cast your vote in the winter month of December
It would be dope if our punters the newest member

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