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Baker Mayfield on Bedlam: ‘I Expect Mugshots to be Everywhere’



Bruce Feldman of Sports Illustrated recently sat down with Baker Mayfield (Sports Illustrated and Baker Mayfield, two of our favorite things) and chatted with him about his arrest, his season and the Oklahoma State-Oklahoma game later on this season.

His answer was vintage Baker and pretty much what I expected.

“I expect my mugshot to be everywhere,” Mayfield told SI. “Quite frankly, I would be a little disappointed if they didn’t do it. I am expecting there to be a lot of trash talk. Our sidelines [at Oklahoma], our fans are very close; it is very enclosed. There is not a lot of room right there. You hear what the fans are saying. In Stillwater they are even closer and they are on top of you. They get those paddles going. I expect there to be just a great atmosphere and a lot on the line for that game given the Big 12 implications. I expect them to bring their A game.”

I wrote about Mayfield after the flag plant in Columbus. It went over well. My point then, as it is now, is that he’s a character, an actor. He knows what he’s doing, and he’s in on the joke. His statement about hoping OSU fans blow up his mugshot on posters and display it on national television is Exhibit 83,932 of that. And it’s why Iowa State planting its state flag in Norman last weekend was so great.

“After I got arrested, I got something in the mail at my house and it said like, it was like Posters-R-Us or something,” added Mayfield to SI. “I can’t remember the company name. I thought it was going to be a big thing of my mugshot that I would take out—‘O.K., that is a good one.’ It was a spring-loaded confetti bomb with orange and black glitter—they sent that to me and got me pretty good. That is why I love college football. Rivalries. I expect that game to be a lot of fun.”

So do I.

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