Baker Mayfield on Bedlam: ‘I Expect Mugshots to be Everywhere’

Written by Kyle Porter

Bruce Feldman of Sports Illustrated recently sat down with Baker Mayfield (Sports Illustrated and Baker Mayfield, two of our favorite things) and chatted with him about his arrest, his season and the Oklahoma State-Oklahoma game later on this season.

His answer was vintage Baker and pretty much what I expected.

“I expect my mugshot to be everywhere,” Mayfield told SI. “Quite frankly, I would be a little disappointed if they didn’t do it. I am expecting there to be a lot of trash talk. Our sidelines [at Oklahoma], our fans are very close; it is very enclosed. There is not a lot of room right there. You hear what the fans are saying. In Stillwater they are even closer and they are on top of you. They get those paddles going. I expect there to be just a great atmosphere and a lot on the line for that game given the Big 12 implications. I expect them to bring their A game.”

I wrote about Mayfield after the flag plant in Columbus. It went over well. My point then, as it is now, is that he’s a character, an actor. He knows what he’s doing, and he’s in on the joke. His statement about hoping OSU fans blow up his mugshot on posters and display it on national television is Exhibit 83,932 of that. And it’s why Iowa State planting its state flag in Norman last weekend was so great.

“After I got arrested, I got something in the mail at my house and it said like, it was like Posters-R-Us or something,” added Mayfield to SI. “I can’t remember the company name. I thought it was going to be a big thing of my mugshot that I would take out—‘O.K., that is a good one.’ It was a spring-loaded confetti bomb with orange and black glitter—they sent that to me and got me pretty good. That is why I love college football. Rivalries. I expect that game to be a lot of fun.”

So do I.

  • Les Miles

    Let the Games begin!!!

    • Gundy

      We need you back Les, not to coach, but to talk trash! “We should have beat them by more”

      • OSU Student

        Let em rip!

  • Les Miles

    here ya

  • Josh Crouch

    I would love to type real thoughts on bm right here…but this is a clean website!
    A smart man named God said…”Pride cometh before the fall.” Proverbs 16:18
    Thats exactly what is coming to bm.

    And on that note…GO POKES!! Orange on everyday in Denver for Homecoming!

  • T-Bone

    Yeah, always great to display poor sportsmanship and “trash talk” and send bombs in the mail. Really nice. NOT!

    • Rob Brown

      LOL, wow! Do you really want to compare “sportsmanship?

    • Tayvl

      You do know that a confetti bomb doesn’t actually explode, right?

    • Sonny

      I think it’s all in good fun. Lighten up. When I was in HS, several guys kidnapped our crosstown rival’s live bulldog mascot and hung it on the flagpole. Some people complained, of course, but it was widely seen as an innocent prank and I don’t recall anyone suffering repercussions from it, other than the poor dog. Oh, how things have changed.

  • Scott

    Ok, that’s pretty creepy that some random OSU fan just stalked him enough to find his home address. Boundaries. Seriously. Need some boundaries.

    • stepdaddy

      If you don’t have the stomach for War, go stand beside Gundy. These are same jack asses that bricked OU into the side of BPS. These are the same jack asses that are coached by Mike Stoops who loves to taut our fans and run up and down the field in Stillwater screaming when they win. These are the same jack asses that claim that Texas is their real rival. These are the same jack asses that show up at Gundy’s house in OU gear and then sue him for breach of contract. I could go on. A confetti bomb is tame compared to what they deserve.

      • Scott

        No problem with a little trash talk. Just save it for gameday. There’s a point when you go too far. Infringing on the privacy of a collegiate amateur athlete is that line.

        • Random Observer

          Come on, man! It’s not like it is any big secret where he lives. Mason Rudolph and probably a few other members of the football team have likely visited BM’s pad. And a few Sooners probably have stayed with MR in Stillwater. Lots of bro-ing going on between the programs.

          Mailing a “glitter bomb” to someone as a prank hardly qualifies as “stalking.” Judging from Baker’s telling of the story, it seems like he got a good chuckle out of it. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if it was mailed by someone on the OSU team, since Baker probably confided in them that he expected to get plenty of mugshots mailed to him from OSU students and fans.

          This is nothing more than a harmless college prank. On the “Outrage Meter,” I would place it roughly on par with SMU’s band dropping packets of grass seed at midfield in Amon Carter stadium during a halftime routine, resulting in the “Diamond M” appearing in the middle of winter on TCU’s field, but well below the insanity of the Alabama fan poisoning the tree at Auburn’s Toomer’s Corner.

          • Scott

            So, if I were in his shoes and got a package from an OSU fan, I’d be just a little nervous to open it not really sure what actually was inside. Might be nothing but if someone went to that extreme they might take it just a step further and mail something not so innocent. He deserves to have a place he doesn’t have to worry about crap like that.

          • LMC

            Killing trees is just wrong.

        • OSU Student

          Yeah, I agree with you 100%. Funny thing is, all these other OSU fans giving you a hard time for shaming the idea of stalking him would probably be pissed if an OU fan did that same thing to Mason, haha. It’s funny to see how seriously fans will take a sports game that has 0 implications on their personal lives, played by a bunch of 18-22 year old boys who have no clue who the fan is.

    • PrankerMcPrankerface

      Hello, person that sent the bomb here. I didn’t stalk Baker to get his address. His arrest was made public and with that his Norman address was posted. It was just a harmless prank of glitter, and I haven’t done anything else to him. I’m actually glad he was a good sport about it all

  • Patrick, Orlando

    I’m loving the Glitter Bomb…hilarious!!!

  • BuschLight

    This dude definitely deleted some fake twitter accounts after the KD story broke. #Loser

  • dale bruns

    He seems like a good sport. Maybe.

  • kspokesfan

    For the record “I” hate glitter. I think the bastage that invented it should be tied to a tree upside down and fed exlax!
    With that being said… The glitter bomb was funny as hell! One of the things I do to pricks that deserve it (and there are different levels of deserving it) take a real fine glitter and put it in their chair, car seat, etc… Then they walk around with a sparkly A$$ for the day. If you can get it in the defroster vent even better….

  • OSU Student

    It’s obvious now. We either MUST

    A.) ignore the mugshot altogether. Make him look like the narcissistic idiot he is.


    B.) all pitch in money and print the largest baker mugshot ever printed. Then roll it out from the suites down to the front row and have half the stadium waving that thing like the American flag.

    • Sonny

      It should be the theme of the band’s halftime performance. They should at least take a few clever, yet subtle, shots at him.

      • OSU Student

        Finding a way to place the band in such a way that they portray a giant baker mugshot during the halftime show while playing bad boys may make me have a heart attack.

      • two4osu

        The CMB has made a few very Stamford-esque shows of late…

  • Wayne from Forty One

    BM firmly believes any publicity is good publicity doesn’t he

  • ckb24

    Well since they lost to Iowa St it appears Gameday will go elsewhere that weekend anyway.

  • okstate4life

    Why do the mugshot when you can just blow up a pic of him crying like a little b$&ch in the cop car….