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Barry Sanders once dunked over somebody in a pickup game




I’m afraid Jimmie Tramel’s amazing story on Barry Sanders got a little bit lost in the Bullets this morning so I wanted to highlight some of the more amazing parts of it and implore you to read the entire thing.

First, this incredible story about how the 5’8″ Sanders once leaped over a football teammate for a dunk in a basketball game.

Kenny Ford, a reserve quarterback during the Heisman season, recalled that Sanders “jumped over me” to dunk during a pickup game. Pressed for confirmation, Ford said the dunker could have been another Cowboy football player. But Ford, who shared a suite with Sanders and two other players, is absolutely sure Sanders “could nail a basket on a Nerf goal from anywhere around the room.”

Leonard Hamilton confirmed No. 21’s hops.

“He’s only 5-foot-10, but I’d use him to jump center,” Hamilton said, citing Sanders’ leaping ability. “We’d run an alley-oop play and we’d be assured of at least two points. I wish I had him. I’d find some a place for him to play.”

There are also great stories involving the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, Tom and Jerry, and President Bush (41).

Go read it.

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