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Basketball APR numbers aren’t any better than football

OKC Dave is back to look at how much OSU is struggling academically in basketball.



Yesterday we looked at OSU football’s APR ratings. Let’s take a look at basketball now.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 1.44.55 PM

The NCAA average for men’s basketball is 952, so the Big 12 as a whole is actually outperforming the rest of the country. Unfortunately, OSU is not helping the cause. As was the case in football, OSU currently has the lowest APR rating of any Big 12 school at 928.

The postseason requirement for basketball is the same as it is for football: currently, a team must have a multi-year average of 900 to compete in the postseason. Beginning with the 2014-15 season, however, teams must have a multi-year average of 930 to participate in March Madness. OSU has been below that threshold three years in a row – and we are the only Big 12 school to “achieve” a score below 930 during the last three years.

Our average rank over the last five seasons is 9th in the Big 12, but we’ve been dead last in each of the prior three years.

[ed. note (Kyle here): I would like to point out that OSU (somehow *wink wink) received a perfect score of 1000 for the individual 2011-2012 school year (OKC Dave has listed a four year average for each year…which is what the NCAA goes by[1. This entire thing is confusing as hell.]). The four-year total remains bad but now OSU doesn’t need as high of a 2012-2013 score as it might seem to jump above 930 next year.

Also, in this Oklahoman article, Kevin Fite (compliance dude) was quoted as saying:

With the increased APR standards, we have implemented new strategies to monitor and promote the academic progress and retention of all individuals that receive athletics aid and are part of our APR cohort each year. The result has been increases in our APR scores of several sports, including men’s basketball and football.

Basically “we hired more people to do most of the academic work for our students.”]

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