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Baylor Superlatives

Multiple uni Heismans, Brent on the Pokes, and Herbie says this wasn’t a fluke.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Event I’m not sure Baylor expected: Every first down for Baylor was a mini-war. It’s come so easily to them all season and I’m not sure they were ready to struggle that much to pick up 10 yards. It wasn’t that they were inept, it just takes a lot out of you mentally when it’s that difficult.

Weird stat I’m not sure anybody noticed: Clay Fuller (Baylor WR) and Tyler Johnson (OSU DE) played minor league baseball together. Below on the left is Fuller’s career and on the right, Johnson’s. It looks like they played together in 2006 and 2008.

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 4.47.45 PM

Best player: Chelf — I could probably be talked into Glenn Spencer even though he didn’t play and has a vertical equivalent to my wife’s but Chelf was a monster. Everything you needed for him and more.

Underrated storyline that isn’t being talked about: Does Baylor win with Lache Seastrunk (or Glasco Martin) and Tevin Reese? I say probably not but it might have given the game at least a different feel.

Uni Heisman: Ryan Simmons (see background above) — you have to let a uni like that speak for itself and he kept it simple.

Move that could easily be set to some rap music: This one.

Uni Heisman II: Whoever threw together that combination last night. It was a top five combo. I like how much orange you can see in the black jerseys (gotta satisfy the traditionalists) and those helmets make me weak. Well done.

Biggest uniform crime: Whatever Baylor was trying to do. They’ve done some really good stuff this year but last night was pretty bad. I actually like each piece on its own but together it was uglier than a Shawn Marion how-to-shoot-a-basketball video.

Quote I loved from Herbie: “This is not a fluke, this is complete domination by the Cowboys.”

Boldest fashion statement: Gundy goes with the Phantom Pete hoodie 1.) Untucked and 2.) On a night when OSU was not wearing anything Phantom Pete. Playing with fire there.

Boldest fashion statement II: I’ll set the over/under on the last time Gundy cut his hair at the TCU game, what do you have? Also, this is true.

Player that (apparently) needs to be renamed: Herbie called No. 9 “Kyle Staley” thus cementing me calling him “Kyle Stanley” the rest of the year. Is “Kye” really that difficult of a name?

The dagger: This guy.

Call I loved: Gundy going for it on fourth down on the first drive. I know it didn’t work but that’s OK. I was fine with it then and I’m fine with it now. A play’s outcome shouldn’t retroactively determine whether or not it was the right thing to do and a little “this is how we’re rolling tonight, Baylor” message on drive No. 1 was perfect. Plus, you guys have seen Gundy’s hair. You think a guy with that few cares is gonna punt in a game like that? Please.

Social media trend I’m glad I don’t have to see for many more months: #SICOSU. My favorite was how much it waned over the course of the game. First quarter tweet: Bryce Petty with a 15-yard throw out route throw and the first down! Baylor offense is moving the chains! #SICOSU. Then in the fourth: Petty fumbles. OSU scores. Score is 42-10. #SICOSU

Favorite gambling moment: This one.

Strange thing I thought in the first half: Somebody on Twitter said OSU needed to play a field position game with Baylor early. They average 700 yard a game. That’s like trying to play keep away from an octopus.

Late Halloween costume I appreciated: Kirk Farentz in an Art Briles mask.

Underrated storyline of the game II: This. And OSU might be the only secondary in the Big 12 that could have done it.

Moment you knew Brent was on OSU +9: “AND DESMOND ROLAND PICKS UP ANOTHER FIRST DOWN!” It was his second first down…and the second set of downs in the game for OSU.

Thing that will probably happen that we won’t understand: Bryce Petty will definitely win the Heisman trophy now, right? That’s what happen when you come to Stillwater and get smoked.

Craigslist purchase of the week: I would personally like to thank Brandon Weeden for giving Clint Chelf a discount on the 2010 version of his arm for last night’s game. Stealthy move by Chelf to use his per diem on that baby.

Best announcing moment: Brent asked Herbie if Clint Chelf’s brother was on the Twitter all-star team. Silence from Herbie.

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