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OSU slugs Baylor, 55-28



For as much as the Bears and their fans talked throughout the week they laid a pretty fat egg in Stillwater on Saturday. It’s probably not good when our un-athletic 27-year old quarterback out-rushes your athletic supposed-Heisman-candidate dual threat quarterback.

Also, memo to the aforementioned Bears fans: top 25 teams travel with more than 200 people to their away games. I know this whole thing is pretty new to you guys so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for now. Until next year.

It was interesting to see the Gundy/Briles mini-altercation at the end of the game. I think Briles was upset that Clint Chelf was trying to get a bro-to-bro TD connection by throwing with 20 seconds left (as he probably should have been) but you can’t say “we belong” all week and be mad when, for 60 minutes, it was clear you didn’t.

I tweeted after Colton Chelf’s 62-yard TD that Weeden looks like a poor man’s Carson Palmer. Granted, it was a segue to the fact that I was calling Zac Robinson a poor man’s Alex Smith just to prove my point that Blackmon is not better than Dez, but still. I’ll take a poor man’s Heisman trophy winner any day.

What were the odds of Weeden out-rushing Griffin? 1000-1? Would anybody have even wasted a dollar on that?

Justin Gilbert fascinates me. He’s kind of a homeless man’s Patrick Peterson right now but I have no idea what his ceiling is. Having him and Joseph Randle for 40+ more Saturdays is going to be awesome.

What am I supposed to write about Blackmon that hasn’t been written? I think he’s edging closer to having a seat in NYC in early December. LaMichael James (barring a COMPLETE disaster) will be there. So will Cam Newton as long as nobody finds some kind of Swiss bank account titled “war eagle” between now and then. I think Kellen Moore will probably be there because they’re going to be 12-0, even though Weeden and Mallet have MUCH better numbers. TCUs entire defense should probably get the last invite, but it will come down to Luck (my guess), Pryor (why?), Dalton (has to have 2 more MASSIVE games), T-Magic (see Pryor), and Blackmon (OSU has to win out).

We were talking about what the spread would be in Austin on Saturday afternoon. I said OSU by 2 or 3 but that was before K-State caught more passes from Garrett Gilbert than from Collin Klein. We’re GIVING 6.5 IN AUSTIN with the Big XII South on the line. If you would have told me in July that OSU would be a heavy favorite in its two games leading up to bedlam and would most likely be playing the Sooners to go to the Big XII championship, I would have turned you in for possession of drug paraphernalia and made a Bo Bowling joke. And yet, here we are.

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