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Bedlam nerd box score

All the in-depth stats from Saturday’s loss to OU.




OSU is 10-0 this year when it wins or ties the turnover battle. 0-2 when it doesn’t. That kind of says everything.

Also of note:

• I think this was OSU’s worst average starting field position all season. It got torched on special teams. Usually that number has been around “own 35.”

• Strangely, OSU’s offense is unbelievable at putting together extended drives. In the last two games it scored touchdowns on drives of 99, 99, 91, 89, 82, 80, 80, 76, and 68. That’s insane. It’s either “drive the whole field” or “three and out” — not a lot of wasted yards.

• The swing points category was crushing. The fake FG and punt return were bad but not many people are talking about OU’s goal line stand in the first half. I think going for it there was the right call, Sooners just showed up.

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