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Bedlam superlatives

Uni Heisman, coaches jacket idea, all the crazy stuff from a pretty wild Bedlam.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

The Mr. Tough Guy I award: Jason Ray.

The Mr. Tough Guy II award: Jeremy no sleeves Smith. I get that his biceps have their own atmosphere and thus probably weren’t that cold but, man.

The thing that isn’t a thing but needs to be a thing: Every coach in the Big 12 needs to have a top they’re known for. Snyder and the Cotton Bowl windbreaker are obvious, Gundy’s making a run at the Silly Pete hoodie, Weis and the 7XL trash bag, Kingsbury needs to wear an oxford and tie, Holgy a Red Bull skydiving suit.

This needs to happen.

Play I was reminded of that I still can’t believe happened: Blake Bell running that TD in at the end of the 2012 game. Lavey had him. I mean he had him. It was infuriating to re-live.

Best player: Roland had 21 for 144 and three total TDs. 6.9 yards per carry, he was spectacular.

Player who should change his name: Justin Gilbert to “Maybe The Best Corner In The Country Justin Gilbert.” Announcers wouldn’t have to change their lexicon much.

ESPN graphic I could have done without: OSU WINS BIG 12 AND WILL PLAY IN BCS GAME WITH WIN. I sort of got the point after the first quarter. We could have shelved that for the rest of the game and I would have been fine.

Strangest media subplot: When Gundy did his halftime interview with Shannon Spake the entire thing was filmed with the overhead camera. It looked like ESPN was planning a drone strike on Gundy. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Media subplot I loved: ESPN dropped some points per drive and yards per play stats on me to open the game. Me like.

Weather-related issue that concerned me: How did the Paddle People’s paddles not snap off when they hit the walls? I was legit worried a cheerleader would get stroked in the back of the head with an errant paddle.

GIF of the day: This was incredible.


Play that needs a bigger camera frame: This one. I can’t tell if his guy gets hit in the shoulder or if the OU guy was pushed into him. It matters, not a great look as it is though..

Good recruiting storyline: As I was watching the game I realized that OSU was just better at positions where recruiting is incredibly important — secondary, offensive/defensive line. That’s great for OSU as a whole, but obviously didn’t mean much yesterday.

Play that should be classified as a medical remedy: Josh Stewart returning punts.

Stat I’m not sure I believe: This one.

Biggest “how did OU win 10 games?” question: Its offense is just horrendous. I couldn’t even believe how bad it was at times. I know it showed up when it mattered and OSU’s wasn’t any better, but my gosh.

Uni Heisman: Bullet, no sleeves, no pants, get out of here. That’s man stuff.


Favorite Twitter subplot during Bedlam games: Dean Blevins’ “I’m trying to make it look like I’m not freaking out but I’m really freaking out” tweets. They’re sublime.

Dean tweet of the game: Here’s your Dean-O tweet of the game.

Underrated play: We aren’t giving this catch enough credit.

Radio moment that should have happenedThe Sports Animal should have called Kendal Thompson’s dad after the game. I presume they didn’t.

Weirdest successful offensive movement for Mike Yurcich: A 99-yard TD drive in each of the last two games.

Biggest question I have about offensive coordinators: Do they think about turnovers during a game? Like, do they think “we have 90 seconds left, we should try to score here because what if Clint throws a pick six”? Or do they just completely take that out of the equation and ignore any kind of turnover thoughts?

Bigger sign of the apocalypse: An earthquake during Bedlam or a down-the-middle Ben Grogan FG during an earthquake?

Diciest play call: Proposal in 10-degree weather at what could have been the Big 12 title game. I remember being more nervous than Travis Ford at a halfcourt offense playcalling convention when I proposed. I would have probably slipped, broken a limb, and tossed the ring a good 20 yards if I tried to do it at this game.

Unpopular statement I’m going to make: I don’t like the way the orange jerseys look on TV. Maybe I need a different TV, or maybe I just don’t like the orange jerseys, I’m not sure. I’m all in on orange pants but I’m pretty iffy on the jerseys right now.

Move that confounded me: How did Des Roland get this flip off??

Stupidest uniform tradition: Apparently OSU won’t wear tri-colored unis now because of the Iowa State loss and Baylor loss. Can we rid ourselves of that? Some of the best combos are tri-colored and it’s ridiculous.

Opinion that others watching on TV will definitely have: Killer Women looks like it’s going to be just the worst show ever.

Best assist of the day: This one.

Noises that sounded similar: Pete’s gun and footballs getting kicked. Kip Smith’s foot is probably the size of a melon today.

Statement Chris Spielman probably wishes he could have back: “Blake Bell’s package can attack that defense with more efficiency.”

Non-penalty that didn’t get enough attention: Blake Bell’s throw directly at the sideline that didn’t come within seven yards of crossing the line of scrimmage. Unless OU signed Yao Ming in the last week and sneaked him in without anyone knowing (which, how crazy would that be?) then he was throwing it away.

Tweet of the game: This one.

Groundhog day moment: This one.

Best gambling moment: The over/under was 57. That last-second meant-nothing TD made the final go from 51 to 57.

Football question I can’t answer: I know it probably doesn’t happen as much as I think but it seems crazy to me that we seem to have so many games that are “blah” for the first 45 minutes and then just completely bonkers in the fourth quarter. Is it a prevent defense thing? Something else? I’d like to see Football Study Hall tackle this topic.

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