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Before and After: A Look at the Transformations for OSU Football Seniors

These are wild to look at.



Who loves a good before and after?

If your answer is, “Not I, Sam I Am,” then permission to leave has been granted. Howevah, if you raised your hand, then please stick around because class is in session.

At the request of a PFB+ subscriber earlier this summer, I compiled before and after pictures for OSU football seniors — the before being what they looked like as freshmen and the after being what they look like in their composite pictures on the OSU football roster going into the 2023-24 season.

The results were entertaining and often stunning. Some players looked more or less the same. Others looked like different people entirely. Those results are below.

Before you scroll, a caveat here: I did not include every single senior in this article, else it’d be a novel. I only included players who started their careers at OSU, are either redshirt seniors or seniors, and those who began their careers as scholarship players. (Therefore some walk-ons or former walk-ons-turned scholarship players will not be included for the sake of brevity.)

Let’s go.

Korie Black

If I told you Korie Black was 118 pounds as a high school recruit, it’d be totally believable, right? (He wasn’t; I’m just saying — wow!)

Brennan Presley

Glow-up goals.

Isreal Isuman-Hundley

Hasn’t posted a photo on Twitter since 2019 and the only early-career pic I found looks like a screenshot from a movie that was streaming on dial-up internet. I respect it as much as the before and after.

Xavier Ross

This one is impressive. Some more after photos of Ross are here.

Joe Michalski

There’s a 14.6% chance this is not the same person, right?

Cole Birmingham

100% certain this is the same person.

Taylor Miterko

Playing offensive line at OSU by law requires you to grow a scraggly beard. Well done.

Preston Wilson


Braden Cassity

Cassity began his career as a DE and finishes his career as a part-time TE/part-time Theo Von impersonator. What a career.

Kody Walterscheid

The Walterscheid family has very strong genes. I can’t wait until Cole and Kody have sons that play defensive end for OSU in 2050.

Alex Hale

Kickers can have glow-ups, too.

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