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Best of Mike Gundy’s Texas press conference

Gundy on Austin, what he should have done against Kansas, and why the offense has been so plain.



Gundy’s hair is looking especially porcupine-y these days. $100 says he has it cropped super tight for Saturday’s game. He always gets a strong haircut for the big ones.

1:15 — “This is a very talented football team.” That seems like it’s one of Gundy’s favorite go-to phrases. In the pantheon, for sure.

2:23“The game’s never as good as you thought it was and never as bad as we think it is.” Not sure this came out how he wanted it, but the premise is true.

2:43“The flow of the game didn’t direct us that way.” Translation: “Gunner could have QB and we would have beaten Kansas on Saturday. Have you seen them?”

2:48 — Gundy says they run it to set up the pass. I thought it was the other way around.

3:48“Texas is arguably the best in this league in the front on both sides of the ball.”

4:15“I don’t think there’s any question we’re a much better football team than we were a month ago.” No crap.

5:02“Their back’s a good runner. I know they must have lost the other one but this one they have is a good player.” Classic Gundy not talking about Johnathan Gray and Malcolm Brown.

6:55 — I love when he calls websites “Internet sites.”

7:05 — His theory about five teams and then 25-30 teams is right, I think.

9:45“I think it’s a fair comparison with [Clint Chelf and Case McCoy].” I love it when he says “our guy.”

11:15“We’re going to try to get [Josh Stewart] out there Wednesday.”

12:15“We’ve been pretty vanilla compared to what we’ve been over the last few years. If your defense is playing good you tend to not open up as much.” Interesting.

15:40“[Charlie Moore] is deceivingly fast.” Translation: “Charlie Moore is white.”

17:25“Texas is going to put one more guy in the box and play man.” Godspeed, Clint.

18:10 — Biggest joke of the day?

18:50 — Biggest joke of the day.

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