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Best of Twitter during Bedlam

Clint Chelf, Kermit Gundy, and the toothless OU fan all make appearances.



Sorry if yours didn’t make it. They were all happening so fast and I was so confused about what was going on. This is what I was left with on Sunday.

• This is what I looked like watching the punt return live. I mean, technically it’s what I typed but it’s also what I imagine I looked like.

• Not to be “what if” guy but…

• Perfect.

• This guy, though.

• This was great.

• Dead.

So long.

Not related to Bedlam but this made me laugh. I’m not sure why everyone acts like they didn’t lose to West Virginia.

I’ll let you figure out what this means.

This was such a great tweet.

I always felt this way about it.

Haha, that’s awesome.

For us all!



Whatever you say, Mike.

Yes, you did.

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