Bill Young on not getting a contract extension

I was the face of the defense and [Gundy] thought my age would hurt recruiting and he thought players wouldn’t play for me.

  • Wow…I mean, wow…

  • Gina Hayes


  • What a slap in the face. He could have at least blamed it on the 600+ yard games.

  • Ouch.

  • Angie

    He is going to be missed, he is a good man, and a great example for the kids. Hopefully he knows that the OSU family wishes him the best. I have mixed feeling about Gundy, first he does/says something like that to man like Bill Young, but then he turns around a hires a guy like Nathan Peterson…at first I was like what a prick, then after hearing the news about peterson i thought……Just when I thought you couldn’t get any stupider, you go and do something like this…..and TOTALLY redeem yourself.

    • james

      BY will be missed. But, don’t sleep on the leadership qualities of a former Marine.

      • Angie

        I am saying I LOVE the hire of Peterson!!

        • james

          Read it wrong. Oops

  • Jason

    If he is willing to put this out for public view, I would say those thoughts are likely accurate.

    • Angie

      good point

  • me j

    Good Riddance. Horrible DC. And OSU stats show it.

  • Really don’t like the result. Sure do agree with his statement of the defense with high snaps. Do we need hybrid guys who can run wild like a saftey but tackle like a LB?

    • Jheri Curl

      You need guys who can tackle, period! I like it that they avoid injuries during spring football and summer periods but oSu has long had guys who are not adept at tackling and I think that’s because they don’t get very physical at practices and are not taught proper tackling technique.

  • Jheri Curl

    Do any of you think he might file a lawsuit, age discrimination? It doesn’t sound like it from what he’s been saying but let’s say he can’t find another gig soon???