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Blog Poll Week 10



Photo Attribution: @eknielsen

Team I didn’t know what to do with: Penn State

Team I can’t believe I have in the top 10: South Carolina

Team I think is better than their ranking: USC

Team that looked like its ranking this weekend: (tie) Oklahoma State and Stanford

Team I think is worse than their ranking: Virginia Tech

Teams I want to see matched up in a playoff: Clemson and Oregon

Team that got exposed: Kansas State

Team I can’t believe is about to fall out of the top 25: Wisconsin

Teams I want to see matched up in a playoff (Part II): Stanford and Nebraska

Top 5 stays the same (duh). I had to bump OU because going on the road and routing a top 10 team (at the time) like that is impressive. Trust me, I tried to get around that, but I couldn’t. What am I supposed to do with the fact that Penn State (a team that can’t score) has a 2 game lead on Wisconsin (a team that should absolutely be in the national title hunt)?

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