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BlogPoll Week 3



NCAA Football: Southern California at Stanford

Welcome to Week 3 of the blogpoll, my objective (OSU isn’t ranked!) if not incomplete (gotta be honest, haven’t seen Louisville take one snap) look at the college football landscape.

Full poll after the jump.

BlogPoll Criteria

1. You’ve proved it on the field (see: Georgia).

2. You looked like a top 25 team even though you played a crappy team (see: Tennessee).

3. If two teams are close in resumes, I look and see if I think team X would beat team Y 51 out of 100 times on a neutral field (see: LSU vs. Oregon).

I tried as hard as I could to sneak OSU in this week but I just couldn’t do it. Obviously beat Texas and you’re back in it, probably into the top 20.

USC and Michigan State take a tumble down my rankings for blatant reasons.

I dare somebody to name me a team that has three better wins than Notre Dame has right now.

It feels weird to drop Baylor four spots when they won by 20 but they DID struggle with a FCS team and the teams that leapfrogged them (Florida, TCU, UCLA, and Louisville) all had better wins.

I openly wondered for about five minutes yesterday about sending an email to the BlogPoll creators to see if they could make an exception this week and I could rank Alabama 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

The — next to Stanford doesn’t mean I didn’t move them from last week, it means I didn’t have them ranked last week, clearly a mistake on my part.

It feels good to drop OU during a bye week. Hey not my fault Texas, Florida, and Notre Dame had great outings on Saturday…

Florida State has outscored opponents 176-3, is that good?

Ok blog readers, you guys (and gals) collectively watch more football than I do. What did I miss/get wrong?

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