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BlogPoll Week 6



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Welcome to Week 6 of the blogpoll. I somehow missed the poll last week (I was probably Zapruder-ing the Texas fumble) which is why there’s no delta for this week (my bad). But we’re back at it with the top three spots spoken for and a random number lottery to fill out the rest.

Full poll after the jump.

BlogPoll Criteria

1. You’ve proved it on the field (see: Florida).

2. You looked like a top 25 team even though you played crappy teams (see: La. Tech).

3. If two teams are close in resumes, I look and see if I think team X would beat team Y 51 out of 100 times on a neutral field (see: Oregon vs. South Carolina).

Seriously, I have no idea who’s good. I was talking to my dad this weekend and we went through about 45 iterations of “mehhhhhh they aren’t that good.”

That being said, here are my thoughts on this week’s version:

-I know we joke about Bama’s second string being ranked but, yeah, it’s becoming less and less funny every week.

-LSU is basically just in the top 20 because their defense is performing at All-American level right now. They have 1 SEC TD. I wonder if Les has contacted future opponents about just playing defense and special teams the entire game. Might not be a bad idea.

-I think Texas is better than OU but we’re going to find out this weekend.

-Can I get a little Ohio love?

-Two OSUs in the top 10 and we aren’t one of them…

-Anybody else hoping somehow for Oregon and WVU to play for the title? I know that’s nearly impossible with three SEC teams in the top six but how much fun would that game be?

-Is Stanford good? Is USC good? I don’t understand how Stanford rolls over SC then gets taken to the wire by a very average Arizona squad. Like I said, top three are solid, rest is a crapshoot.

-What’s going to happen if Notre Dame, Bama, and Oregon go undefeated?

-One thing I hate about college football: it’s October 8th and only 10-12 teams have a chance to play for the title. Throw all 11 conference champs and a few at-larges in a tournament and everyone would still be alive. Don’t see why this is that difficult.

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