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Blown Call…Maybe?




Ahh the joys of the bye week + Twitter.

Earlier today Gina Mizell reported that the Big 12 had “apologized” to OSU for the blown fumble call in the waning minutes of the game on Saturday.

Here’s the tweet:

Four hour later the Big 12 refuted this:

I unnecessarily weighed in because…well…because that’s what I do:

Gina then reiterated her original stance, adding a source (not sure why there weren’t two sources to begin with…but whatever):

And I have no idea what’s going on. I emailed the Big 12 and the lady sent me a screen shot of the earlier tweet (oh thanks, I don’t know how the internet works).

I tend to buy into a narrative along the lines of what Charlie Hannema said:

Gina wouldn’t have reported this if she wasn’t 100%, I know that…it’s not something you want to wade into unless you’re standing on something solid.

However, I’ve had people at other Oklahoma news outlets say they can’t get confirmation or denial on anything…

My guess: it all ends as a semantics thing (as Hannema stated) and fizzles out into nothing as we look forward to Kansas next weekend.

But at least it spruced up an otherwise boring Wednesday. Oh, and got @danbeebe back in the Twitter game! Check his timeline for the humor.

Welp, since I wrote this OSU weighed in:

Seems a tad unnecessary, no? What’s the win here, making the Oklahoman look bad? Why say anything really? File it away with the new injury policy and keep it internal.

Gina, for her part, continues to insist that Walt Anderson (head of Big 12 officials) apologized to Gundy and the Big 12, for its part, keeps denying it. Here’s that story.

It’s starting to sound like what Bryan Fischer suggested earlier:

I mean that has to be the most logical explanation, no? There’s no way Gina would go live with this story unless she was a hundy (I cannot reiterate this enough) and for the Big 12 to deny it means that something was probably said off the record or without their blessing.

I’m just still not sure why OSU felt the need to stir the pot with that “Mike Holder doesn’t know what’s going on” tweet. Shouldn’t your goal be to make this go away, not exacerbate the situation?

Speaking of going away, can somebody make that happen to this story by the time I wake up in the morning? Thanks.

Gundy should just loop this at his next presser…

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