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Boo Lewallen Will Not Be Coming Back For a Seventh Year

This will be Boo Lewallen’s last year at Oklahoma State



This season does not count towards eligibility and if desired, this years seniors are able to come back next season. One prominent fixture for the Oklahoma State wrestling program has already made his decision.

Boo Lewallen went on the Mark Bader Show on Tuesday and the topic of him possibly coming back next year came up. Boo stated that he has made his decision and will not be coming back for the 2021-22 season.

Mark Bader: “You could do a seventh year if you wanted, right?”

Boo Lewallen: “Yeah, technically I could, but for me, I think this is it for me for the folkstyle season.”

For me, it’s just… pretty hard to stay motivated to continue to go to class when you’ve already graduated.

Bader later followed up to confirm definitively if other circumstances kept him from finishing this season and if that could somehow possibly change his decision: Would you ever consider next year?

Boo Lewallen: I’ve thought about that you know and I just continue to go back to the fact that I got what I wanted out of this six years at Oklahoma State and personally I just don’t want to go back to class anymore. I’m happy with where my career is at and if anything were to happen it would be ok with me.

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