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Brandon Weeden (apparently) can’t do anything right

Brandon Weeden throws three TDs, can do no right to Cleveland.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Brandon Weeden threw for 370 and three TDs (and two picks) today in Cleveland’s game against Jacksonville and this is what the official Browns Twitter account throws out there:


And this is what he gets from Cleveland native and Esquire writer, Scott Raab:

So that’s classy.

“Tanney” is Alex Tanney, who they just signed this week.

Look, Weeden hasn’t been great, I’m not arguing that, but you sort of get the feeling that he could go for 600 and five in any given game and barely elicit a yawn from the Cleveland folk.

He had this jewel today:

I’ll never be able to write rationally about No. 3 because of the two seasons he brought to Stillwater so I’m not the most objective person to listen to on this front but I sort of wish he could hit the reset button and start his career somewhere else.

He’s hung in, though, and not once complained about the crap he gets but I bet he’d like to start over, too.

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