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Brandon Weeden responds

Brandon Weeden still has his fastball.



You could probably argue that Brandon Weeden is the current belt-holder as the face of Oklahoma State athletics so as much as Josh Fields and Vernand Morency and Andre Sexton and all these guys talk, what Weeden says really matters.

He spoke on Wednesday to the Fox Sports Ohio:

I’m surprised that a credible institution like Sports Illustrated would do a 10 month investigation and all of a sudden have no credible facts.

We all are.

These are guys that aren’t real credible. It’s comical. I can’t wait to read the other four (parts). I really can’t. The guy that wrote the article, he’s an OU (Oklahoma) guy. He’s always had it out for Oklahoma State.

When we won at Texas (in 2011), he asked me, ‘When is it gonna happen, when is Okie State going to pull their Okie Choke like they always do?’ I laughed.

Long story short, the guy has always had it out for Oklahoma State. He has a track record. Go look. I’m not going to say his name. You’ll see what he’s done; he’s had it out for us. It’s comical. The truth will come out.

Nice, Thayer.

I also loved the part about him calling Thayer a clown. Who is this clown?!

Coach Gundy does an unbelievable job running a clean program. He takes a lot of pride in that, being clean, playing by the rules. I saw nothing but that, no wrongdoing in anything that I ever saw that goes back to when I was a freshman.

Other than Alex Cate getting that start…

h/t Orange Power

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