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Breaking down the Tyreek Hill kick return




Okay, let’s take one last look at it.

As I said yesterday the Tyreek run was so flipping fast it was comical to watch.

But how fast was it?

First, we need to talk about how much ground he covered.

There are 40 feet between the hashes. Tyreek starts about 10 feet outside of the south hash and ends up about 25 feet outside the north hash. That means he covered 97 yards and ended up 25 yards north of where he started.

Pythagorean theorem time.


It’s not perfect given that he made some jukes but it’s fair to say that Tyreek ran right at 100 yards. Now let’s get the stopwatch out.

I mean, I literally got my stopwatch out and timed it at these three times.

Total 1: 10.98
Total 2: 10.96
Total 3: 11.09

I missed the track star finish on the last one so I think it was legitimately under 11 seconds which is just a joke.

You can’t compare this straight up with, say, Usain Bolt’s 100m dash because Tyreek only travels about 91 meters but still, he’s wearing football gear.

Also Dave Hunziker saying “THERE GOES THE CHEETAH” in this video is the greatest thing ever (2:05).

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