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Brennan Presley Gets Up from Big Hit in Boise, Delivers Blow to K-State

“Unless I’m paralyzed or break something or something like that, I’m always going to try to get right back up.”



[Devin Wilber/PFB]

Brennan Presley was on the bad end of a highlight reel play in Boise, but he got back up.

In Oklahoma State’s 21-20 victory, Boise State safety JL Skinner caught Presley in the middle of a jump cut and nearly forced Presley into a backflip with the hard hit.

But Presley got up, and a week removed from the hit that made it’s way on SportsCenter and all over social media, Presley was again showing his toughness. This time in a highlight that was more favorable to him.

In the first half of OSU’s 31-20 victory against Kansas State, Presley caught a crossing route from Spencer Sanders at the K-State 7-yard line. From there, Presley spun off K-State defensive back Reggie Stubblefield before bouncing off a hit from TJ Smith only to regain his footing and fight over Wayne Jones into the end zone. It was a 20-yard touchdown reception that probably should’ve just been a 13-yard gain, but the 5-foot-8, 175-pounder just had too much fight in him.

“My high school coaches always told me, because I played defensive in high school, so they always told me, ‘If you hit a man, and he stays down, you have him — whether it’s physically or mentally or something like that,'” Presley said Tuesday. “So they always told me, ‘If you get hit, always try to get back up. Try to get up before the person that hit you, but never stay down.’ So, every time I get hit, unless I’m paralyzed or break something or something like that, I’m always going to try to get right back up.”

Four games into his sophomore season, Presley has caught 11 passes for 178 yards and Saturday’s touchdown. He also has 160 return yards split between punts and kicks.

Being an electric, yet undersized kid from Bixby, Presley has quickly become a fan favorite in Stillwater. The type of attitude he showed about the hit on the blue turf should only grow that celebrity.

“I’m 5-9, 165 pounds; [Skinner] was like 6-4, 220, so honestly, if he couldn’t do that to me, then I’d be worried,” Presley said. “That’s not the last time I’ll get hit hard like that.”

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