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Build Your All-Time OSU Lineup With Only $15

Spend wisely.



You have $15 left in your wallet, and you are tasked with building an all-time OSU lineup. You can spend it with a roster construction of only one quarterback, two receivers and two running backs. Who are you taking?

We compiled a cheat sheet to building your favorite OSU lineup with some all-time greats, from Barry to Thurman, Weeden to Fields, Terry Miller to Tony Lindsay. Our guide is below.

My favorite team? I’m stacking some goats. Give me Weeden and Blackmon — the most dynamic OSU football duo of all time — for $10 off the top. I’m paying the premium. Don’t care. Then I’ll go Justice Hill and Josh Stewart for a buck each and top it off with a workhorse in Kendall Hunter for my remaining $3.

QB: Brandon Weeden ($5)
WRs: Justin Blackmon ($5), Josh Stewart ($1)
RBs: Justice Hill ($1), Kendall Hunter ($3)

Another team I really like centers around a discounted QB and a (generally) older generation of OSU football. Folks who were around swear by the swagger of Tony Lindsay. So with him at $1 for my QB, I’ll go deep in the talent bag elsewhere with Barry Sanders and Terry Miller as my primary ball-carriers at $5 and $4, respectively. At receiver, I’ll grab Hart Lee Dykes for $3 and — are you kidding?! — I’ll scoop Tylan up for $2. This is a squad.

QB: Tony Lindsay ($1)
WRs: Hart Lee Dykes ($3), Tylan Wallace ($2)
RBs: Barry Sanders ($5), Terry Miller ($4)

The team variations are pretty thrilling, and it’s fun to think about potentially mixing some of the old eras with the new. Leave us your favorite team in the comments or on our social media page.

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