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Bullets: Why cornerback will rock for OSU

Joh Holliday talks about what it takes this time of year and lots on the Scott Brooks trade.




Some of you will enjoy this… I told Mrs. Pistols last night that I was finally verified on Twitter (CBS account, not Pistols). She said “wow, that’s big time…the only I people I know who are verified are, like, Brandon Weeden and Jay-Z.”

Baseball takeover

Josh Holliday: “This is a time of year when you’ve got to let your courage kind of hang out. Show up and take each challenge as they turn up each day.” Don’t think he actually meant “courage.” (NewsOK)

Add this to the long list of freaky baseball injuries. Conor Costello’s season was almost ended by a steak in Kansas. (NewsOK)

Here’s why one of the smallest dudes is making a big difference for OSU this season. (okstate)

Football misc.

Zach Crabtree loves Carbon fiber-White-Gray and Thai Cafe’s coconut-crusted chicken? My new favorite player. (ESPN)

The football team went bowling recently. The photos are actually pretty compelling. (okstate)

Why the cornerback position is going to be awesome for OSU this year. (ESPN)

Dez has some real Rory McIlroy stuff going on here. (Tulsa World)

Scott Brooks, gone

I agree with this and think it takes some massive stones to make the move Sam Presti made on Wednesday. (NewsOK)

What Google did in response to the Scott Brooks firing (yes, Google) was secretly the most interesting part of the entire thing (long-term, anyway). (Awful Announcing)

I was told by one person that would know that accountability with players was definitely an issue. (Daily Thunder)

Here’s a list of candidates from our old friend Anthony Slater. (NewsOK)

More stuff I’m reading

The Atlantic was redesigned recently. (Atlantic)

This on the changes coming to Fox Sports 1 was really intriguing. Sort of media nerdy stuff but fun to read about. (Big Lead)

According to a report from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average tenure of workers between the ages of 25 to 34 is only three years. (99U)

What different countries are obsessed with. (Fixr)

I concur. (Deadspin)


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