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Cade Cunningham Gives Pre-Draft Insight in Whistle’s ‘No Days Off’ Series

Cade is deep in the yoga.



[Photo via Courtney Bay/OSU Athletics]

Tuesday night was a big one for Cade Cunningham.

The NBA Draft Lottery revealed the Detroit Pistons will have the first pick in the 2021 NBA Draft. The Pistons will likely take Cunningham with that No. 1 pick.

A cool video dropped before Tuesday evening’s festivities, though. Whistle featured Cunningham in its “No Days Off’ series where the former Oklahoma State standout went through what he is doing to get better between now and the NBA Draft on July 29.

Ashton Bennings, Cunningham’s cousin and trainer, starts the soundbites off hot, comparing Cunningham to LeBron James.

“He wants the pressure,” Bennings said. “He loves pressure. MVP, All-Star and a championship — put whoever you want around him, he’s gonna get it done.”

Cunningham goes into detail on what it is like no longer having to focus on school and being able to be professional about his basketball career. The feature also touches on his extensive yoga regiment. Oh, and he wears an Oklahoma State shirt throughout his filmed on-court workout.

It’s a fun seven-minute watch.

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