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Chuba Hubbard on His Offseason and Being More than a Football Player

Hubbard had an eventful offseason.



Chuba Hubbard had quite the offseason.

On Tuesday, Hubbard, an Oklahoma State running back, met with the media for the first time this fall after an offseason where he asked for change withing OSU’s football program, advocated for Black Lives Matter and took part in the #WeWantToPlay movement. Not everyone liked all of the things Hubbard did or how he did them, but Hubbard said he only meant well.

“I know a lot of people see me as Chuba Hubbard, the football player,” Hubbard said. “And they see stuff on social media, but a lot of people don’t actually know who I am. I’m a caring person. I care a lot about my teammates. I care a lot about people I don’t even know. I’m always trying to be for the greater good. That’s always what I’m trying to do. Sometimes I may slip up and do the wrong thing, but I always have the right intentions. I’m just trying my part to make the world a better place, this program a better place.”

Backlash to certain things led Hubbard away from Twitter. On July 21, Hubbard stepped back from the platform with a post saying his social media had become a “playground for hate.”

It isn’t hard to find the playground Hubbard is referring to.

“I liked it better when you had Twitter deactivated! Your scholarship should be deactivated! You ruined a great guy and coaches name over a fit of rage,” one user wrote to him.

“Enough….we will not be lectured by Canadians! Go home!” wrote another.

With that said, there were also a lot of messages of encouragement for Hubbard to keep standing for what he believes in, but like seemingly everything in 2020, people were either all in or all against the nation’s reigning rushing champ.

“That Twitter world can be crazy sometimes, but my focus was just on helping people in any way that I could and then football,” Hubbard said. “So, I gotta stay out of that Twitter stuff.”

Hubbard was asked little about football in his near 17-minute media session, but in a lot of his answers, Hubbard made it known that playing well for his team on Saturdays is still one of his major focuses.

“For me, it’s not really anything that’s on my shoulders; it doesn’t weigh me down or anything,” Hubbard said. “Doing the right thing, that should just come with who you are. Football is always going to be there. I’m going to work hard every single day and do everything when it comes to that. And I’m also just gonna try to be the best person I can be. It’s not hard doing both.”

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