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Daily Bullets (Oct. 11): Chuba Hubbard Recruitment Stories, Transfer Portal Talk




Bullets Rundown

• Chuba Hubbard recruitment stories
• Helping Sanders be effective
• Transfer portal talk

OSU Bullets

• In a terrific piece looking at Chuba Hubbard’s career in detail from high school forward, a bit on Hubbard’s recruitment stuck out. 

But then they pulled up to the campus and saw Boone Pickens Stadium and toured the weight room and the facility. They were in awe. “My mom and dad were saying, ‘Oh my gosh! This is like a movie!’” he recalls. And the people were so friendly. He came home and told Martin that Stillwater was exactly like Edmonton. It felt like home.

“Everyone would ask why I didn’t go to Oregon or Alabama,” Hubbard said. “I mean, I’m sure if I knew more, I might’ve chosen somewhere else. But everything happened for a reason, and I’m glad I ended up here.” [TheAthletic]

So Hubbard’s Canadian outpost was familiar enough that Marcus Arroyo was able to get there but unfamiliar enough with CFB that Hubbard wasn’t able to parse out the significance of each school. Heck of a deal for the Pokes.

• While the crowd (appears to be) largely settled on playing Spencer Sanders through his slump, what’s the solution for making him more effective?

Maybe it’s as easy as explaining to Sanders that you need him to do less. Distribute, make the smart plays, explain that his time to be the star is the next three years, not right now. Or maybe it’s just normal freshmen growing pains and another two weeks of practice will settle him down. But add in that Hubbard and Wallace are both likely gone to the NFL after this season and the pressure to win now and not waste their time in Stillwater is even greater. [HCS]

Can you imagine an experienced version of Sanders with Hubbard and Wallace? Good grief.

• Reading some notes about running back Jahmyl Jeter – Cowboy who’s entered the transfer portal – and that whole concept (of the transfer portal) is wild in practice.

“It’s like the NFL,” Gundy said. “If you don’t like it, just ask to be traded. But he’s practicing and doing all that. He wants to get in the portal and see who wants to re-recruit him.”

Jeter, a San Antonio, Texas, native, redshirted last season and has played in three games this year, carrying the ball 11 times for 34 yards against McNeese State. [NewsOK]

The transfer portal is a “player empowerment” initiative that I’m convinced was an overcorrection from the process where coaches could limit where players could transfer to (or when they could be eligible there). It’s a little bizarre to envision players texting other coaches during team meetings with their current team.

• This is great – Marcell Ateman is back on the roster in Oakland.

• Pokes landed a commitment from an Edmond baseball player by the name of Brumbaugh – any chance he’s related to Keith?

Non-OSU Bullets

• Taking initiative

• Good  piece looking at the mismanagement of the Seattle Sonics (leading to them moving to OKC)

• Liked this faith-based read for evaluating If you/I are a “quarrelsome” person

Why it’s so easy to spend money at Ikea:

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